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Edge Case Testing

Edge case testing is a vital step to execute if you’d like to consider your code fully vetted. What are edge cases, and why are they important to test?

CRUD and Redux: Updating Part 2

In my last blog post I discussed how an edit action would work in my React/Redux application. To quickly sum it up, I added an edit button to each ‘wedding plan’ in my list of plans, and clicking this button would fetch the plan in question using the plan ID and pre-populate the input form with the plan’s information. I can then edit the information and re-submit the input form, and the plan’s information would re-write instead of write.

CRUD and Redux: Updating

I am in the middle of designing a Wedding Itinerary application, which, for the most part, boils down to CRUD operations which allow a user to keep track of a wedding day itinerary. The Create, Read, and Delete portions of this task were pretty straight forward, but the Update action initially threw me for a loop. Let’s talk through it.


Wireframing, or sometimes referred to as a page schematic, is a visual representation of the framework of your website. This step can easily be overlooked if you tend to jump right in, but taking a step back to visualize the roadmap of your website can be immensely beneficial.

Generating an Email via Rails

I was recently asked to build out a piece of functionality that I had never done before - sending an automated email after filling out a form. To my surprise (but not really), Rails had this functionality already built in. In this blog post, we’re going to walk through setting up a basic mailer.