Coding By The Sea

If you can't blog about it to a 6 year old, do you really know it?

Sinatra Portfolio Project

I wrote a Project Management app for my Sinatra Portfolio project. This app has a basic sign up/sign in home screen, and allows a Project Manager to add both Project and Client objects. This layout gives a Project Manager the ability to keep track of all projects (past/present/future) with details like name, budget remaining, status, and client.

Rack and the Internet

Rack is a Web Server Interface for Ruby. Simply put, it connects the ruby code we write to the web.

CLI Data Gem Project

The CLI Data Gem I created is called “Top Netflix”. This gives users the ability to choose from a list of top ranked shows currently streaming on Netflix and see each show’s season air date, plot, pros, and cons. This data is from a Huffington Post article “Ranking The Best Shows On Netflix You Can Stream Right Now”.

Object Relationships

What is the most important thing about object relationships? “Scope”.

HTML5 - The Building Blocks

HTML, or “Hypertext Markup Lanuage”, can be thought of as the foundation of everything we see on the internet. HTML5 is the current version of HTML being used that is accepted by the W3C, or World Wide Web Consortium.