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If you can't blog about it to a 6 year old, do you really know it?

Learning C# Cont...

As I dive deeper into learning C#, I can’t help but jump straight into coding in order to further my understanding of the language. I’ve taken to .NET Fiddle to try out some basics. Let’s look at a very basic, example which outlines how Interfaces, Classes, and Inheritance work in C#.

Learning C#

C# is an object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. Ruby is an object oriented programming language developed by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto. Although they are entirely different languages with various pros and cons on each side, their object oriented nature provides a commonality which allows programmers to curb the learning curve that comes along with picking up a new language.

Wordpress or DIY?

I graduated The Flatiron School’s Full Stack Web Development program in May of 2019. Several months prior, my fiance had asked me to build him a website for a budding business venture of his. At the time of his request, I hadn’t completed the JavaScript, React, or Redux curriculum, and I was unsure if my skills at the time were enough to build out an impressive front-end in the time he needed. I reached out to my slack community and landed on WordPress after some deliberation. Did I know how to build out a fully function MVC architected website at time I came to this conclusion? Yes. Did I choose a platform that requires no such full stack knowledge in order to build my site? Also yes. However confusing that may be, I’ve learned several valuable lessons from the choice I made.

Referential Integrity

Referential integrity - what is it and why is it important?

OR Impedance Mismatch

OR Impedance Mismatch - a term we hear when discussing database architecture. Although this term sounds complex, we can break it down into a couple of understandable and digestible concepts. Understanding this issue will help us design a more flawless architecture from the get-go.