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If you can't blog about it to a 6 year old, do you really know it?

Custom JSON Serializers

I was recently attempting to pass some RSpec tests that involved testing JSON responses. What I learned along the way is intuitive now that I look back on it, but worth highlighting in case anyone is struggling with a similar issue.

Read/Write Repository Permissions

I was recently asked to make changes to someone else’s repository and submit a pull request - a common practice among developers working together. Like I always do, I went to the repository on GitHub, cloned the repo via SSH, and typed “git clone”. I was able to clone and pull successfully, and I even got as far as creating a new branch via “git checkout -b new-branch-name”, however I was not able to push when I attempted to execute “git push origin new-branch-name”. I immediately got the error “remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository ‘’ not found”.

What is Azure?

A common job requirement I am coming across is experience with Azure. In an effort to get to know this a little better, let’s dive into what Azure does, and why we need it.

Edge Case Testing

Edge case testing is a vital step to execute if you’d like to consider your code fully vetted. What are edge cases, and why are they important to test?

CRUD and Redux: Updating Part 2

In my last blog post I discussed how an edit action would work in my React/Redux application. To quickly sum it up, I added an edit button to each ‘wedding plan’ in my list of plans, and clicking this button would fetch the plan in question using the plan ID and pre-populate the input form with the plan’s information. I can then edit the information and re-submit the input form, and the plan’s information would re-write instead of write.