The beginning

Posted by Kaitlin Kelly on July 28, 2017

I ran far away from programming when I was first exposed to it. I was a sophomore in college, piled high with work from recently changing my major to math, and had a pre-conceived notion that coding was really hard. I got through the course with no intentions of doing that again. Quite frankly, I didn’t want to expose myself to something I wasn’t good at, even though I thought highly of the capability itself.

If it scares you, you should probably do it

Fast forward a couple of years out of college, a nearby job opportunity came across my LinkedIn. A programming job that required absolutely no experience, and a willingness to learn the language from the ground up. I applied on a whim, and have been there almost two years since.

What have I learned since then? A programming lanuage. What have I gained? The mindset that I am infact capable of learning this material. Since this realization, my mind has been racing - is it too late to keep learning? What other languages should I learn? How do I go about learning everything I need to know? The list goes on. Incomes the Flatiron School, and everyday since I have learned something new and interesting.