Coding By The Sea

If you can't blog about it to a 6 year old, do you really know it?

Bootstrap Fundamentals

I’m going to walk through some fundamental steps of setting up and using bootstrap to acheive a more modern look in my Wedding Itinerary App, including a drop down menu.

Development vs. Design

For some time now I’ve been slowly but steadily developing my Wedding Itinerary application to keep current on the skills I’ve learned through the Flatiron School. I’ve nailed down the CRUD capabilities, developed automatic sign-up emails, and even added a shareable log-in code. Throughout this process, there has been one thing I cannot seem to get right, and that is the look and feel of my application. This difficulty took me by surprise, because on a personal level I love to design spaces. I am constantly enhancing spaces at home until I feel the illustrious ‘coziness’ wash over me. This is simply not the case when it comes to the user experience of my application. What is the takeaway? Struggling with this is okay. Why? Because I am a developer, not a designer. And just like development, it’s going to take time and effort learning how to develop a good design.

Custom JSON Serializers

I was recently attempting to pass some RSpec tests that involved testing JSON responses. What I learned along the way is intuitive now that I look back on it, but worth highlighting in case anyone is struggling with a similar issue.

Read/Write Repository Permissions

I was recently asked to make changes to someone else’s repository and submit a pull request - a common practice among developers working together. Like I always do, I went to the repository on GitHub, cloned the repo via SSH, and typed “git clone”. I was able to clone and pull successfully, and I even got as far as creating a new branch via “git checkout -b new-branch-name”, however I was not able to push when I attempted to execute “git push origin new-branch-name”. I immediately got the error “remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository ‘’ not found”.

What is Azure?

A common job requirement I am coming across is experience with Azure. In an effort to get to know this a little better, let’s dive into what Azure does, and why we need it.