Coding Take Two

Trying my hand at programming...again

Class Components vs Functional Components

There are two types of components we can create - one is a Class Component, and one is a Functional (or stateless) Component. The differences between the two are not obvious at first, however they are important to note.

Surprising Complexities with React/Redux

For my final React/Redux portfolio project, I created a ‘Wedding Itinerary’ application. This app allows a user to store several aspects of their wedding day into a database - mainly a Bride, Groom, Wedding Location, Wedding Datetime, and individual plans for the day. Altogether, this creates a snapshot of the wedding day, aka a ‘Wedding Itinerary’.

Chorizo x Javascript

The goal of my latest portfolio project was to “AJAX-ify” my Rails app named “Chorizo”. “Chorizo” is a Ruby on Rails application with a heavy emphasis on MVC architecture that allows a user to keep track of chores for a given household. By “AJAX-ify”, I mean adding asynchronous javascript requests into the flow of my MVC. This new AJAX flow would hijack my MVC route, dynamically request data from the Rails backend, and dynamically render this data on the front-end (all without leaving the page).

Choreizo - Spice Up Your Chores

For my Rails portfolio project, I wanted to create an app that I would actually use in my day to day life. “What am I passionate about?” I thought. The answer was sadly..chores. If it were up to me, I would have my house looking like a model home at all times. My significant other, however, not so much. Enter..CHOREIZO! Here to Spice Up Your Chores and your life.

Sinatra Portfolio Project

I wrote a Project Management app for my Sinatra Portfolio project. This app has a basic sign up/sign in home screen, and allows a Project Manager to add both Project and Client objects. This layout gives a Project Manager the ability to keep track of all projects (past/present/future) with details like name, budget remaining, status, and client.